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Project 9: Portfolio

Portfolio: (

Project Corrections / Time spent: I spent about thirty minutes trying to improve the quality of the work in my portfolio. Then I spent about six to eight hours putting my portfolio together.
Message: I wish to showcase the work I have done so far in COMM 130: Visual Media. I hope to improve upon it every year.
Audience: People who are interested in seeing my work for employing or other interests.
Top Thing Learned: I should always spend more time on the work that I do. I need to make for of an effort to achieve my highest potential.
Future application of Visual Media: I will work harder at my schooling and on my life choices regarding my Communication Major.
Color scheme and color names: 
Title Font Name & Category: Bebas Neue; Sans Serif
Copy Font Name & Category: Arial Regular; Sans Serif
Thumbnails of Images used: glam_tweed_wallpaper_blk6c_gry_crmtaup__09876.1363563206.1280.1280mountain
Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

Project 8: Brochure








  1. Description:  Two sided trifold brochure
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  I used illustrator to recreate a logo.  I opened an indesign document and made grid  lines for the spacing of my brochure.  I imported my logo and I spaced out the lining of my text.  I used text wrap to wrap around the picture I used in the middle and I used the indentation paragraph style.  I used Word to type my text and the later I placed the text into my indesign document.  I made sure the text and spacing were aligned and then I printed a few times to get the margins right.
  3. Message:  Kay’s Candies are delicious and natural.  Come with an appetite and eat candy.
  4. Audience:  Anyone who enjoys fudge and baked goods.
  5. Top Thing Learned:  I’ve never made a brochure before.  It was very difficult getting the margins correct.  I learned a lot about paragraph styling.  Those are things I never knew before, but I do now.
  6. Color scheme and color names:  Monochrome; pink and peach
  7. Title Font Name & Category:  Bebas Neue; sans serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category:  Arial Narrow; sans serif
  9. Word Count of copy: 250
  10. Thumbnails of Images used:  03ffe265ce08f03c96e64b4a7ae7f126 5cc9a951f6336b8bc8c87b761b0d2de2 7cfaf26e98a5dc4b914591f6e7ddb311 7ea7744481ac8b6705435cb4f9fdd7f3 9c06a53bfe92ebc949b7d810c013c412 42a7b227a0118e8cf30f97b558ced074 90e3c48a01ff10622bc729c1068f693e 252c13ac37f35902aeb14abf887fefaf 626815561caefb0feb18f5d903b7bcd8 a538705ae3dcb0ac4654de63dc9609c7 cdf933810ab6883ebd41136f41a9f169 d23126628ae82836baf4941c25ab7296
  11. Sources (Links to images on original websites)