Project 6: Stationery


Letter Head

Business Card (8.5×11):

Business Card (8.5x11)

Business Card (Large Layout):

Business Card (Large Layout)

  • Description:  Matching letterhead and design to create a personalized logo.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  I used InDesign and Illustrator to create my letterhead and my logo.  I used Illustrator to create my logo.  I used the paint brush and simple shapes.  I then filled in the shapes I made and grouped them together.  I placed my logo into InDesign and created the letterhead.  Then I placed my logo onto a separate document and made the front and back of my business card.  I saved the changes and copy and pasted my cards into Illustrator.  I used the art board to resize the images to fit the page.
  • Message:  Use environmentally friendly soap.  It’ll help the wildlife.
  • Audience:  Anyone who wants to protect wildlife.
  • Top Thing Learned:  I learned all about how to share documents between Illustrator and InDesign. I also learned how to make shapes and divide them with Pathfinder.
  • Color scheme and color names:  monochromatic.
  • Title Font Name & Category:  Black and Grey
  • Copy Font Name Haettenschweiler  Category: Sans Serif

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