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Project 4: Montage


  • Description: This is an inspirational montage.  I used two pictures and blended them to go with my quote.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I started out with two pictures.  I then cropped the picture of the girl.  I added a mask to that picture and began to blend with the opacity down to 39%.  I did this until I got the desired effect and the image was blended with the background.  I then added the text and brought it to the foreground.
  • Message: The message is to inspire people to pray more often or to not focus so much on the world and more of the spirit.  I took a quote from the scriptures.
  • Audience: The audience would be adults who are religious.
  • Top Thing Learned: I learned how to mask images and how to blend them.
  • Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I took the picture and used some gaussian blur to make the picture look glowy.
  • Color scheme Tetradic and color names: Blue, orange, gold
  • Title Font Name Verdana & Category: Sans Serif
  • Copy Font Name Rage Italic & Category: Script
  • Thumbnails of Images used: 3db420b3ce02a26e297bce3d7c255e6ead991809ac3c43177c747404986a2178
  • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): 


Project 3: Photodesign

P3 Photodesign


  • Description:  Learn basic photography skills and how to use a color scheme.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  I first went about taking pictures.  I took several and picked a few of my favorites.  I then took the best one and tried to incorporate an idea out it.  Once I had my idea I looked at the colors in the photo and chose a color scheme from it.  I used my Samsung Galaxy 3 to take the pictures and I used photoshop to enhance the image.  I used sharpen, saturation, vibrance, and levels.  I used a little gaussian blur in it as well.  I used the tutorials posted on I-Learn and did my best to put together the finished product.
  • Message: The message is to inform Young Women that there’s a conference coming soon.  It gives an inspirational quote on self worth.
  • Audience: The audience is directed to young women in the church.
  • Top Thing Learned: I learned the value of whitespace and contrast.  I was using too much in a small space.  I was also not giving my quote enough contrast.  I also learned how to take decent pictures.
  • Color scheme and color names:  Monochromatic; Red, Pink, Fuchsia
  • Title Font Name & Category:  Myriad Pro: Sans Serif;
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Myriad Pro: Sans Serif;
  • Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted  
  • Unedited Foreground Focus
  • Date and location you took the photo(s) 5-20-14; BYU-I Heart Building

P3 Activity: Photography


1. Outside Lighting
1. Outside Lighting
Lighting2. Inside Lighting
Lighting2. Inside Lighting
Focus1. Foreground
Focus1. Foreground
Focus2. Background
Focus2. Background
Composition 1. Thirds
Composition 1. Thirds
Composition 2. Lead Room
Composition 2. Lead Room

I had fun taking these pictures.  I hiked up ‘R’ mountain and took a nice shot of the scenery below me.  I made sure to focus on the sky.  I then took a picture of my roommate at the top.  The lighting was nice and the sky was so blue that day.  I had a great time figuring out PhotoShop as well.  All of the different settings were interesting and fun to learn.

I took a picture of the tulips outside of the Heart building.  I thought they were so beautiful.  I especially loved the color.  It was cloudy that day so the lighting wasn’t that great.

It was a struggle trying to take a picture of the indoor lighting.  I couldn’t find the right placement and the lighting was terrible.  Being inside a closed off apartment isn’t the best source of light, but I tried my best with what I had.

Overall I enjoyed taking these pictures and I think this assignment will definitely help me improve in figuring out good composition.






P2: Event Ad Project



•(Programs/tools/skills) : Microsoft Word
• Message: Help the Rexburg Fire Department by being involved in an auction.
• Audience: Young adults and up. Rexburg community members.
• Top thing learned: I used a scanner for the first time and now I know how to use one.
• Colors scheme and color names: Orange and Blue;
• Title/Copy font & category listed: Title- Calibri and Bella Donna
• Scanned image on post:
• Source: Ensign


P1 Project Flier


Description: This is my Project 1 flier. I was given materials to use for this project and was asked to put it together. The flier is promoting the Graduate Leadership Conference.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used InDesign to put together this entire project.

Message: The message is to promote a Graduate Leadership Conference. It tries to communicate leadership and an opportunity to learn how to be a leader.

Audience: The audience are graduating seniors who are looking to gain job opportunities.

Top Thing Learned: I learned that asking questions can only help. I was unsure of spacing and sizing, but I learned that people are always willing to help. I now know how to receive good proportions when making a flier.

Title Font Name & Category: Title- Arial Regular; Category- Sans serif; Title- SnellBT; Category-Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category: Font- Arial Regular; Category- Sans serif

Links to images used in this project: