COMM 100 What I Learned: Tyler Christensen 2-27-14

Grad Plan:

I learned that the Grad Plan is something that will help lighten the load of college.  It gives students a guideline to follow.  It’s never a sure plan, but it helps to know there’s a plan.  No student should be left in the dark not knowing what they’re doing.  Another thing I learned from Brother Christensen is that internships are something of great value. An internship is something that should be taken on the spot.  No one should ever turn down an internship because they’re not being paid for it.  If anything employers will see how willing you are to work for free that they’ll more likely consider you for a job.  It gives students the upper hand in job hunting.  Plus internships are a great way to network.  Network, network, network; it’s obviously very important for a communication major.  


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