COMM 100 What I Learned: Michael Cannon 1-13-14

“Change your words, change your world.” – Michael Cannon

One important thing he touched on…

R esearch

A ction

C ommunication

E valuation

Public Relations and Advertising are extremely important.  They both need to get along with each other in order to make acceptable work.  He made great points about what words can do.  If said right words could change the world.  It’s the difference between making millions and making pennies.  I learned a lot about how important writing really is in Communication.  This will help me in the field I’m going in.  It gives me the base of Advertising.  If I can write well, then I can do marvelous things.  Michael Cannon’s words of wisdom made me see that all fields are important.  One can’t be without the other.  


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