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COMM 100 What I Learned: 1/28/14

“Journalism is the only thing protected by the constitution.”

In class we all discussed the way journalism is being affected in this generation.  Just because newspapers and magazines don’t sell as well as they used to, does not mean they are being ignored.  In fact, journalism might just be more popular now.  Everything is changing, but nothing is different.  When one thing leaves there’s always another to replace it.

“Aren’t far more people involved in creating transportation than ever were in the days of covered wagons? Might the same be true for journalism?”


Website Analysis: is a great website for news media.  If there is anything anybody wants to know about current affairs, or the happenings in New York City, this is the place to go.  I found the website easy to manage.  It’s very straight forward and doesn’t make the reader wonder around going link to link.  On the other hand I find the website a bit boring.  I have an app on my phone that alerts me whenever there is breaking news.  This website is great for resources, and it has an easy to use search bar, but other than that all of this information could be found almost anywhere.  If someone wants to be a reporter or a writer this could be a great foundation for someone to set themselves to.

Website Analysis: I-Comm

The Scroll website is easy to navigate and appealing to the eyes.  The links are direct and the content kept me captivated the whole time.  Directly on the cover page are videos and information that hook the viewer right away and drag them down to hours of gaping. There’s humor, wit, and touching stories all throughout every page. I highly recommend this website. Do with it as you wish.


COMM 100 What I Learned: 1/16/14

“Experience, experience, experience.” – Brother Thomas

The Steps to becoming successful is to:

1. Join a club (Soapbox, Scroll)

2. Learn to write

3. Keep writing!

Nobody really needs to have large amounts of experience in order to become successful.  The most important thing is to keep doing what you love, and always keep trying, no matter how difficult it is.  Life is difficult, but the reward outweighs the trouble you’ll go through.